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Alummikon | Dock Systems

Alummikon is a revolution in stationary dock systems famous for high quality docks and dock hardware, and a reputation for outstanding service. We provide top of the line dock installations with our premier line of products: Alummikon, Alummi-Lite, and Alummi-Float, all available in vinyl, cedar and aluminum.

Custom configurations can be designed to perfectly suit your shoreline and lifestyle needs with features and benefits that no other dock can match. With a professional, dependable and dedicated team of trained individuals, we provide an educational approach to dock planning, enabling our valued customers to make in-formed decisions about building your dock system that will last a lifetime.

Select from the following Alummikon brands that meet your shoreline needs...


A fixed position dock system suitable for large open water conditions.

A floating dock system designed for sheltered shorelines with deep water conditions.


A fixed position dock system designed for small or sheltered shorelines.

A floating and highly configurable dock system designed for heavy use.

Sectional Wood Dock systems continue to provide excellent quality and lasting value.

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